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Plastek will be investing $2.5 million and hiring 23 employees with the expansion of their Hamlet, NC facility

Board of Commissioners Chairman Kenneth Robinette and Plastek Inc. has announced the expansion of Plastek in Hamlet, NC.  Plastek will be investing $2.5 million and hiring 23 employees when the expansion is completed.  

 “This plant in Hamlet is a vital part of Richmond County’s manufacturing base.  It is very good news despite the challenges that manufacturing companies face, this operation has survived and is now adding additional capacity in the way of new jobs and increased machinery investment.  We are grateful to have Plastek expanding their operations in Richmond County,” said Richmond County Board of Commissioners Chairman Kenneth Robinette.

“It’s a great sign that our industries are continuing to expand and grow their operations here in Richmond County,” said Commissioner Herb Long, “These new jobs at Plastek will be a great addition to our workforce and this expansion will enhance the tax base.

Facility Manager Steve Ulrich stated, "On behalf of the Prischak family and the entire Board of Directors of Plastek we are pleased to once again invest in technologies that will bring employment opportunities to Richmond County.  With support from local businesses, Richmond Community College, and the Richmond County Commissioners the Plastek HMD facility has successfully served its customers for five years.  We look forward to our local relationships growing even stronger in the years to come."

Other partners who helped make this announcement possible are, Richmond County Economic Development and Richmond Community College.

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